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UnoTelly Contest: Win a Subscription and Cash Prizes

Who doesn’t love the chance to win money and other great prizes right?  Back in June Unotelly offered readers of this blog a 25% discount off of all of their products.  This time around they are running a contest that begins today and runs until 30 September  2012.

Details: For this contest users have to comment on their favourite social medial portals (Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs).  They can write anything they want in their comments according to their experience with UnoTelly.  It can be a short story on how users use UnoTelly to unblock channels or it could be about what UnoTelly does.  Furthermore, they can write how they enjoyed UnoTelly or recommend it to other users.

There are different points for each comment.  Users will earn points based on the type of social media portal they choose to comment.  Their total score will determine their chance of winning.  For example, if they share their story by creating one forum topic on their favourite forum and sharing it on Facebook, they will receive a total of 7 + 3 = 10 points.  Their chance of winning is 10/the total number score of all contestants.  You can see the point breakdown of each comment below.

Scoring Scheme:

  • New Forum Topic: 7 points
  • New Blog Post: 5 points
  • Facebook Share: 3 points
  • Forum post: 3 points
  • Twitter: 3 points
  • Blog Reply Comment: 1 point
  • Others: 1 point

When users submit their comments, they must send them to They must send their name, the URL of their comment and a screenshot of their comment. After that, users can repeat the process and share as much as they want. There is no limit on entries per day.

The great thing about this contest is that UnoTelly will offer amazing prizes to the winners! Bellow you can see what they are offering.

Gold Prize – 1 Winner

  • $500 USD cash payable via Paypal
  • + 6 month of UnoTelly subscription
  • + 6 month of Netflix USA subscription

Silver Prize –  1 Winner

  • $100 USD cash payable via Paypal
  • + 3 month of UnoTelly subscription
  • + 3 month of Netflix USA subscription

Bronze Prize – 5 Winners

  • $10 USD cash payable via Paypal
  • + 1 month of UnoTelly subscription
  • + 1 month of Netflix USA subscription

For further details on this contest click the link for more information.  Good luck!

4 thoughts on “UnoTelly Contest: Win a Subscription and Cash Prizes

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