Listed: Where I’ve Been in 2010

When I moved to London I expected to make the most of traveling since it is so easy to get to many other places than Canada.  However, I don’t feel as though I’ve quite taken full advantage of my location yet.  Being a poor student and in London no less doesn’t make for many travels.

Now that I’m working and taking a break from school, this coming year should be great in the travel department.  Beow is my very humble list of where I’ve managed to make it to in 2010.  Of the five places on the list three are in Canada, go figure.

1. Berlin, Germany

Brandenburg gate

2. Canterbury, England

Inside the Cathedral

3. Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario Canada

Kiosk – Perfect site on the water

4. Quebec City, Quebec Canada

Chateau Frontenac – tall building in the distance (most photographed hotel in the world)

5. Montreal, Quebec Canada

Outlook from Mount Royal Park


What say you?

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