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Dover Castle

I was in Kent this past weekend with D staying at his parents house.  We took a day trip to Dover to see the castle. While it was fun it was also cold and very foggy.

Compared to other castles this one is not as nice looking on the outside but it was great to explore within its walls.  Especially as they staged the rooms to depict how they were used in the past.

The fog was so thick that the amazing view that I could only imagine was obstructed.  We will have to return for a better look and to explore more of the castle.

We did the secret wartime tunnel tour which was pretty cool but unfortunately were not allowed pictures.  I didn’t bother to attempt to sneak some pictures but maybe next time.

You can see the tunnel to the left of the statue.  Everything inside is staged as well and with the overhead music, and commentary it really comes to life.  Great day out except for the feeling of death I had the rest of the day for being out in this weather.


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