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Roaming around Europe

I booked my first solo trip, destination : Rome.  The trip is 4 days and I realized shortly after booking that I’ll be there for Easter.  I had even planned to visit the Vatican on [Easter] Sunday not even clued to the fact that there will be tons of people there for a speech from the Pope.

So even though I’m not Catholic (or religious) I’m going to try to be there for his speech.  I mean why not?  When in Rome etc.   My lonely planet book says it’s hard to get advance tickets to the event even if you are Catholic but that tickets to the event are available on the day.  So I will decide on the day if I want to try for one of those tickets.  Since I’m not a fan of crowds (yes I know I live in London) I may want to avoid participating.

The day after I get back the bf and I are doing a day trip to Paris. We are  Eurostaring it up.  Not flying makes me  happy.  Then after that the royal wedding will be two days later.  I’m off that entire week due to having to take holiday time that won’t carry over and gets reset in May.   So I will check out the wedding because again why not.  I’m here, might as well see what all the fuss will be about.


4 thoughts on “Roaming around Europe

  1. SOLO TRIP!!! i haven’t done that yet but have a friend ( who does it often. She’s doing her Masters of Creative Writing with a focus on travel journalism. Cool, eh? She’s living in London too – American.
    Anyway, how did you decide to go to Rome, where are you staying and how was your flight price-wise? Are you nervous to go on your own and do you know any Italian? oh look, i’m back with a million questions again!

    • I’ll chcek her blog out. I was deciding between Prague and Rome…Rome just ended up being the better deal all around for the time I wanted. I’m staying somewhat close to Trevi fountain in a B&B with a single room. Flight was decent price, £166. I AM nervouse but excited. I know Italian, I studied it for a bit but will need to brush up. Also, I like questions 🙂

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