British Film

Last night D and I saw Submarine.  As far as I know it is only being distributed in the UK at the moment, however, if you get a chance do see it.

The UK government is in a time of austerity and all areas must deal with spending cuts.  If you have been paying attention to the news recently you know that there was a protest last week Saturday in London.  Well, the film industry has not been immune to such cuts.  The UK Film Council has now closed.  The council has supported and helped to fund some great British film, including The King’s Speech.  An article here gives more detail.

All is not lost as their responsibilities are being transferred to the British Film Institute.  I have a friend who is in industry and let’s me know how difficult it can be to secure funding for a project.  As much as British film is well known and liked the pool of money available to get the films made is not that big.  So it’s nice when British films get the support and do well.


What say you?

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