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Going solo

I don’t know why I have not done it before but I will definitely do it again.  It was great to completely set my own itinerary, stop and take as many or little pictures and go at my own pace.  Turns out my pace is the same as when I travel with someone – go go go from early morning to late at night – but if I wanted to stop I could have without having to worry about what anyone else wanted.

I found that being a solo traveller warranted more attention in terms of the hustlers who are in abundance at all the main sights.  They carry roses, toys, and other random touristy crap to try to sell you.  I was almost conned at Trevi fountain where this guy offered to take a picture of me in front of the fountain.  I hesitated giving him my camera but as there were many people around I passed it over.  He took two pictures handed back my camera then said ‘now I’ll take a picture with my camera for a little fee.’  I shut that down quick time and left to the other side of the fountain.  I’m used to much more aggressive people trying to solicit my attention to buy their wares so nothing that came my way was unmanageable.

Overall I found the people helpful sometimes without even asking them.  A few times when I was unsure of which way to go when leaving the metro strangers asked me where I was going and directed me.  Rome checked the boxes of what I look for when travelling; beauty, history, nice people and good shopping.  Amazing city, will return.


4 thoughts on “Going solo

    • Thanks. If I can convince my mum to go to Barcelona instead of Paris then that will be the next trip. I plan to do a lot of day trips or UK destinations for the next while culminating with a holiday to Cornwall in September. November hopefully Argentina!!

      Oh and do you have a blog? Post a link if so.

  1. That is so amazing! I am headed out on my first trip to Italy but I will be going with a group this time. Next time it will be solo.

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