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The Eternal City – Day Three – Walking through history

It was rainy off and on during my last full day.  Good thing the sites I wanted to see were local – the Colosseum, the Palentino, and the Roman Forum.  Everyone is pretty much familiar with the history of the Colosseum.  However, the ruins of the Palentino and Roman Forum are not as internationally iconic but are quite important to Roman history.

At the Palentino legend has it Romulus killed his twin Remus and founded Rome in 753 BC.  The Roman Forum as my guide book suggests takes some imagination as there are a lot of ruins but they are not adequately labelled.  The part of the Forum I most enjoyed was the Casa delle Vestali (House of the Vestal Virgins).  Read this link for info.  I spent the better part of the day – roughly 7-8 hours going through these sites.  None of that was spent waiting to get in as I purchased a Roma Pass which allowed me to bypass all the suckas who didn’t plan ahead.

Palentino ruins

Roman Forum – House of the Vestal Virgins

Roman Forum – House of the Vestal Virgins

Roman Forum – Julius Caesar cremation site

(thanks to the couple getting a private tour whose guide explained what this was – eavesdropping is a good thing)

After this day long tour I went back to my B&B to rest up as I had one more place to explore but I wanted to catch it at night.  I also wanted to have an early night because I was doing the vatican museums again.  The company I was supposed to have the tour with let me redo it at 9:00 am my last day.

Spanish steps

The rain continued into the night but it worked out well for me as this meant not a lot of tourists out at the steps.  I went home shortly after and overdosed on the international fashion channel.  I love Italy.


5 thoughts on “The Eternal City – Day Three – Walking through history

  1. I love this…I wish I had the opportunity to post pics, yours are beautiful! I made it back to the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps on the return trip to Roma. I also went and had dinner at the Restaurant with the artichokes…AMAZING!

    • I’m glad you made it back. Those are sites that need to be seen. Post your pictures in an album on facebook. You can still control who sees them if that is the issue. I’d love to see your pictures as you had taken some really amazing ones. I didn’t get to search out the artichoke restaurant. Excuse (as if one was needed) to go back!

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