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The Eternal City – Day two – After Mass

I left Mass with a feeling not of holiness or peace but of contentment for participating in something that others find Holy.  I have no idea how many people were there but as you can imagine and see from my picture it was packed.

Exiting no one pushed, was rowdy, or belligerent.  I was able to get out almost as quickly as I was ushered in.  Next on the list was the Castel Sant’ Angelo.  I thought I may not have a change to go up in the Dome of St Peter’s and get great views of the city so the castle was a good alternative.

On the way out I ran into an out-door exhibit of bronze statues depicting scenes from the Bible.  I met an American woman named Sue on the express train into the city on Saturday who told me about this exhibit but it slipped my mind.

I took pictures of each statue and there were many but that is just a taste for you.  After that I went to the Castle, which itself is not much to look at but the views were great.

I ate a decent Pizza lunch just a short 3 minute walk from here and then wandered around trying to find my next destinations, Piazza Navona and the Panthenon.  I also hit up Trevi again to snap some day time photos.  It was a total ZOO in all of these places but I have to say over all people were respectful about trying to not step into picture taking.

Fountain in Piazza Navona

Ceiling of the Panthenon

Trevi Fountain

I ran into Sue when I was queuing up for the Castle randomly after mass and we exchanged info and planned to have dinner that evening.  It was nice because we both were first time solo travellers and were able to share our experiences of the past 24 hour plus in a city with so much beauty to see.  Sue and I had plans to do some night exploration but instead took it easy and enjoyed the conversation and the wine.


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