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My boyfriend and I took a day trip to Paris on Wednesday.  Our plan of attack was to keep it kind of light so we focused on two sites – Sacre – Coeur and the Louvre.  He had been to Paris before but this was my first time.  It was also my first Eurostar experience.

Our train departed at 7:25 am which meant another early start for me.  It was nice to get on a train and not have to fly again.  Below are some highlights.  What we saw of the city was gorgeous and there are other things that I’d like to return to see again.  I don’t think I can really judge what I feel about the city in less than 24 hours.

Honestly, Paris was never on my travel list.  I knew I would get around to it eventually but it is not a city that I was dying to go to like many other travellers.  My mum is coming to visit in June and she would like to go.   So when I return I will give Paris a real chance.

View from the top of Sacre-Coeur – 300 claustrophobic steps up

Balls of thread – Shop in Monmartre

Shop in Monmartre

Eye spy with my little eye something that is red

She was smaller than I imagined

Final meal – Delicious duck


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