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East End Film Festival 2011

Many other events happened in London besides the wedding.  Originally I was going to go to the wedding.  Then I went to Easter Mass in Rome recently and decided I had enough of crowds.  I ended up watching the wedding mainly for the dress of course.  Overall I am happy I did not attend.  I won’t rehash the events because I really don’t care.  I will comment on the dress.  It was classy, understated and pretty.  It didn’t wow me but it wasn’t my day or my choosing, k done.

One of the other events that took place was the East End Film Festival which was based in, yes you guessed it, East London.  I don’t venture east  much but I think I may do so much more.  It is hipster haven and you notice this the second you make it east.  Other than that it is a fun place to be.  I went to a film viewing on Saturday evening called – Out of the Present.  It was about Russian cosmonauts who left under a communist regime and when they came back there was a regime change.  They came back to a capitalist society.

I was pretty disappointed with the film.  It was a documentary and there were some stunning shots but I felt that the director didn’t showcase what we were seeing to the best of his abilities.  It was very slow at parts and I even nodded off (ok that may have been travel tiredness, or well, actually I fall asleep easily in films).  I was not alone in this opinion.  The director came in after and had a question and answer period.  The person hosting was the only one who had questions.  We cut our losses and headed for the door as other slipped out as well.

I’m sure many of the other films were amazing.  I attended because a good friend of mine has been working on putting this festival together for a few months now and I wanted to show my support.  If you are in London did you attend?  Did you see anything good?


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