Out and About in Little Venice

There is little doubt that London and the UK collectively can be very inspiring for writers, musicians, artists and general creative types.  Today D and I went to Warwick Avenue and it was a gorgeous area.  Those who are familiar with Duffy (or not see below) know that she has a song titled the same as the street.  The official video only shows the tube station and then her in a car crying.  So she doesn’t showcase how posh and beautiful the area really is.

Looking to get in some fun on the last day of our holidays we went there to attend the Canalway Cavalcade.  This area is known as Little Venice.  The weather, which was windy and slightly chilly, was pretty nice.  The Calvalcade had food stalls set up, an ale stall with an entertainment section – read old person on the guitar with a mic and many vendors ranging from antiques to fortune-telling (free Will & Kate keepsake with each reading) to clothes.

The best stall was a Paint ‘N’ Take stall where I choose a cute elephant bank to paint.  It is now on my chest of drawers in our bedroom being the literal pink elephant in the room.  Seeing as we both need to start saving more for some upcoming travels it is fitting.

Back to the daily grind of work tomorrow morning after being off from the 21st of April.  I can’t complain but it would be nice to have another week off.


7 thoughts on “Out and About in Little Venice

  1. It kind of is in some ways, for me anyways. It gets very rainy and miserable. Yes, snow wise there is no comparison but at least Canadian winters involve blue skies and sun. Those things disappear almost completely in winter time here. Also any hint of snow shuts the city down and I don’t work in a place that can shut down, I still have to make my way into work.

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