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Rock down to Electric Avenue

I had a short training session outside of my work building on Wednesday.  The area of London I was in is very close to Brixton.  Most people are aware of the song Electric Avenue, right?  Well the real avenue hosts a huge open market but gets busiest on weekends.

While I have passed the market on numerous occasions I’ve never actually wandered around it.  I went with an old co-worker who was also on the training to the market to grab lunch.

Brixton has an interesting history and some of it violent as this year marks 30 years since the Brixton Riots.  I won’t summarise but the link provided gives a good over view.  It was nice to take a quick exploration but I will go back when it’s in full swing.


4 thoughts on “Rock down to Electric Avenue

  1. I didn’t have the opportunity to get to Brixton when I was in London last summer but it sounds cool. People told me that it’s essentially “Little Jamaica”. Is that true?

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