Body Art

I am on a hunt to find a good tattoo artist.  This week so far I have visited two places (one didn’t even have their license yet, wtf?) and I have one more to view on Saturday.  The one I’m going to has been recommended by an old flatmate and I’ve looked at the website and I am already impressed, check it out here.

They are apparently so good that they book up months in advance but as my piece isn’t going to be that major I hope I can get it done soon.  Or even this Saturday.  I currently have a tattoo on my upper back/base of neck and I love it but I am happy it is in a place I can’t see daily as I would obsess over the mistake that the artist made.  The mistake is tiny (a tiny dot gone awry) but I notice it.  I’m planning to get my new ink on my right inner forearm, so this artist better be amazing.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!  Below I leave you with a gem from the website Fail Blog that features Ugliest Tattoos, enjoy.


What say you?

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