Just completed

Few hours later


9 thoughts on “Inked

  1. Nice 🙂

    I wish I had a tattoo as well. My grandmother got tattoos but shes like 100 now and they are traditional ones she got on her face and no one does those anymore..

    • Thanks, I ended up getting it done in the most obvious place – Camden. I avoided searching for a place there because I assumed it would be way over priced but it was priced the same as or cheaper than some of the other places I checked out.

  2. Very cool! I’ve always wanted a tattoo but I have bad skin that gets keloids (and I’m a scaredy cat!) so will just have to admire from afar. 🙂

    • I’m a glutton for punishment I guess. It hurt, like my first one did but I’m happy with it. Even though I get to look at it upside down 😦 My friend I was with and the artist said it would be better that way in case I wanted to add to my arm.

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