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Guerilla Gardening

Have you heard about this?  This is going on in many places around the world but the link I provide is for a guy who has been doing it in London since 2004.  Essentially guerilla gardening involves gardening on land that is not yours.

His love of illicit gardening stems from fighting a war against neglected public spaces.  Now that’s a war I can get behind.  So he makes the areas around him beautiful, who wouldn’t want that?  Plus with so many Londoners not having their own garden this is a way to engage in a pleasurable activity and benefit the wider community.  Issues abound of course with gardening on land that is not your own but I think it’s pretty cool.

Where I currently live we do not have a garden.  There are many green spaces around but to bring a bit of it indoors we have an eclectic collection of plants crowding the ledge in our living room.  My boyfriend’s mother loves gardening and grows a lot of stuff and some eventually makes its way from Kent (Faversham) to our flat.  I would definitely try out guerilla gardening but I already have a huge list of things I want to do this summer.  Tattoo done and I’m already thinking of the next, but that can wait a while.  Now I’m thinking about the best way to get my guitar which is currently in my old bedroom in Canada to my flat in London.


Boyfriend’s mum’s garden – Spring 2010


11 thoughts on “Guerilla Gardening

  1. I’d never heard of this. It sounds like a good idea, but of course I think it’s a bit unwise and rude to intrude on someone else’s property. But hopefully things work out for the better — after all, it is beautifying the place.

  2. All I know if some bum came and tried to digg up our backyard, I’d grab the nearest decorative iklwa (still sharp) and go african on their asses.

    But as you say, if its in unused places then I don’t mind at all

    Don’t y’all got those small strips of land you can rent outside the big cities for just these kinds of things?

    • LOL, hm actually if someone wanted to do gardening for free in my backyard I think I might like that idea. However, yes it is public spaces they are using. Also these are spaces that should be tended to but aren’t because of the lack of city resources. Not sure about the renting the strips of land outside the city, I’m sure it’s an option.

      • I’d be OK with it if they plant stuff that I want lol.

        They can come here and do the strawberry patch that I’m planing when I come back from South Africa.

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