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I wish I could go back and tell my 10 year old self that not only is it okay to be a book-worm but it is a celebrated thing!  People will think you are smart with your extensive vocabulary.  I wish I could say don’t be embarrassed by read walking, spending your weekend in one place reading an entire book or getting caught in class reading.  Yeah that’s right, winner right here.  I was caught in class reading a book.   I shielded in my desk.  Not my fault, it was a boring lesson and whatever was happening in my latest sweet valley high book was clearly much better.

I’ve been listening to the audiobook Bossypants by Tina Fey.  I don’t do audio books but this is extremely funny, introspective, analytical, and oh yeah it was free.  I listen to the Savage Love podcast by Dan Savage and he told me about it.  So the great thing about it is Tina Fey narrates the book.  I’ve never been an audiobook fan because I, like others who are obsessive about reading, prefer to actually read a book and paint myself a picture.  Also the voices of those doing audiobooks can be a huge hit or miss.  My internal voice will do just fine.

In Bossypants Tina has looked at how her childhood shaped the person she is today and some of the harsh as well as really funny lessons she’s learned along the way.  I’m also reading for real The Motorcycle Diaries.  The diary of Che before he became who we know as the icon Che.

So I’ve been thinking about one particular trait (being a bookworm) that has stuck with me since childhood.   Why have I turned out to be such a book-worm?  My brothers like to read but I’ve taken it up to another level.  My mother read to us at night before bed often, well I think she did.  Memory is a precarious thing and as good as mine is some memories are fuzzy.  Didn’t someone say that if you forget your childhood it was good, if you remember it that shit was bad?  

Well I analyzed it on the half hour bus ride into work today so I’m sure I’ m spot on.  TV is the reason why I read so much, yes tv.  Specifically a show called Reading Rainbow.  If you don’t know this show then I am sad for you.  I’m sad that Levar Burton did not bring the joy of reading to you in a way it was brought to me.  Please refer to the theme song below as a taste:

80’s gold

Clearly Troy was profoundly affected by this program as well

So obviously I know Reading Rainbow wasn’t the sole reason for my obsessive reading but it was one of many.  Well, now that I think about it I’m pretty sure Claire Huxtable is the reason I knew I wanted to be a lawyer so young (11 to be exact) and Olivia helped me deal with the horrible fact that there is always someone cuter and younger than you who will come along and steal your shine.  Yes, I am talking about you little brother.


4 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Yes! I loved Reading Rainbow. I wonder if it still comes on? At least in re-runs?
    Also, fellow bookworm here. My nickname in elementary school was “Dictionary”.

  2. Oh snap I’m going to have theme song in my head all morning.

    ‘you cando anythiiiiiiing… Just take a look it’s in a book readingrainbow!’

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