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Love London

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As I said in my last post it will be 3 years since I’ve been in this city.  September 22nd is the official date.  Time has definitely flown by.  This will also be the first time I spend an entire summer here.  The past two summers I’ve spent significant amounts of time in Canada.

My feelings about this city have always been varied.  I hated it at first…for a long time actually.  Then I didn’t mind it and then I loved it.  Repeat that cycle a few times and that in a nutshell describes my time in London.  At the moment I love it.  I’m asked by many people if I will stay here indefinitely.  I still can’t answer that question because originally I was meant to be gone last year.  I’m not over the city yet, so until that happens here I will stay.

I’ve decided to start a Love London series.  I think it’s mostly sparked because my mom is coming to visit (in 22 days!) and I’m thinking up itineraries daily.  I’ve also learned that my older brother and his girlfriend may be coming at the same time as her visit so it’s excitement overload here.  So Love London will showcase my favourite things to do/see and other musings on why I’ve grown to love this city.


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