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Love London – Parks

While London is a concrete jungle green spaces here are plentiful (though a recent article states this is dwindling sadly).  Also, the concrete really equals old and interesting architecture so you can’t compare it to a place like New York in that respect or even Tokyo which are true concrete jungles in my opinion.

I haven’t been to these spaces recently as I’ve been trying to discover new places but with the good weather it is time to return:

In no particular order,  my 5 favourite parks:

1.  Holland Park – Ilchester Place W8

It is located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  Read a posh and ridiculously expensive part of London that you and I will never be able to afford to live in.  Well, there is the sugar daddy option.  Anyways, here is some info on the park.

When last there I hung out with friends in the Kyoto Garden, which I think is the best bit of the park.  When you are there you can’t hear the noise of London streets so it’s a great escape.  There are also peacocks.

2.  Regent’s ParkNW1 4NR

I’ve spent tons of time here and it is a beautiful place to be.  I stayed at a hostel just a hop skip and jump away from here my second year in London.  When leaving for the summer at home I packed my bags, stored them with my cousin and gave up my room in North London.  When I came back I stayed at the International Student House.  Don’t let the pictures fool you it wasn’t that great.  The bar was the best part.  Anyways,  I went on a search for housing that lead me to renting a room just around the corner from my last place.

During this hunt for property in August 2009 I had my birthday, alone.  It wasn’t sad though as I bought a picnic lunch and spent some time at the park.  I’ve been back lots just not this year yet.  Last year boyfriend and I went to London Zoo which is located inside the park.

I’m a bit torn about it actually.  I know that zoos help with conservation but the day we went it was really hot and I mostly felt bad for the animals.  Especially the gorillas.  Yes they have a big plot but they are gorillas!  They need vast amounts of space.  Anyways, if you go don’t go on a unbelieveably hot London day (they happen), because the animals will be tired and shielding themselves from the sun.  Except the monkeys, they seem to be active no matter what.  I didn’t get to see zebras (favourite animal) but the giraffes were impressive.

3.  St James Park – SW1A 2BJ

This is a great park to break up a walking tour (I’ll do that in another post).  It is a royal park  and located right by Buckingham Palace.

It is well-kept and while I was promised pelicans I didn’t see any when I was there.  Apparently they are fed every day at 2:30 pm so go then if you want to make sure you see them.  There were however lots of swans around.  You can also catch a picturesque view of the London Eye here.

4.  Kensington Gardens – W2 2UH

Another royal park.  It was the first park I visited when a friend and I decided to do some site seeing the first year I moved here.  This park hosts loads of events.  There was an outdoor artist installation that ended in March but started last year.  I caught one of the pieces in winter but unfortunately did not get back in time to see the rest.

It also hosts the Serpentine Gallery and a memorial fountain for Princess Diana.  I attempted to go to the gallery and it was closed but just outside it is a kind of outdoor cafe type structure in this brilliant red colour.

5.  The Rookery – SW16 2QP

This is a gorgeous little park that you wouldn’t know about if you didn’t live in Streatham.  Streatham is where boyfriend lived when I met him and where I lived for about two months as I had to leave my place and as we searched for a place to live.

** I started this post a few weeks ago when the weather was good.  It’s been raining on and off every day for the last little bit.  Back to typical weather, le sigh.**


8 thoughts on “Love London – Parks

  1. Niice. Green Park is adjoining St. James Park, right? I seem to remember that. The Rookery looks really interesting, so if I’m even in London again…

  2. Very nice. I love walking in the parks in London. I had a squirrel we were feeding attack me in Hyde Park though lol.

    Yeah the weather sucks here as well.

  3. some other parks that I like: Greenwich Park, where I saw TWO parrakeets! they live there WILD. Also the little garden in Southwark Park, which is near my place.

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