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Love London From Afar – Paris Edition Pt 1

It is the final leg of my mom’s visit and she leaves on Friday.  It has been a packed trip but well paced.  Since we are having a chill day today – doing some markets and getting souvenirs – I decided I would get a post in before heading out.

We went to Paris this past Thursday – Sunday.  Four days is a great amount of time to enjoy the city and to venture farther out to the suburbs of Versailles.  I’m glad I gave Paris another chance.   Actually I had no choice as my mother wanted to go but at least I was excited about it.  My final verdict is Paris is a gorgeous city, but I’m not in love with it as so many are or grow to be.  Maybe in time with more visits?  I would definitely go back but not for a while.  Two times this year is plenty.  The people are nice, I get to practice my French and it is a close Eurostar journey but I am still more enamoured with Berlin and London.

We covered a lot in 4 days.  The only place we did not get to was the Latin Quarter which I really wanted to see.  The pace in Paris is visibly slower than London which is always a nice change.  The metro is well connected but even better is that the city is very walkable.  You could actually cross the city it in a few hours as we ended up almost doing as I directed us slightly the wrong way on a walk home.  My map skills are good but I sometimes get confused.  Getting lost in a new city always has rewards though so mom and I enjoyed seeing another neighbourhood.  Oh and the food NEVER disappoints.  I only had one sub par meal and that was in the cafe Angelina in Versailles.  Some photographic highlights:

Mansart statute in the gardens of the Church of the Hôtel des Invalides

Mom in front of Jardin du Luxembourg

Moi on Canada Day on top the Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame

Street Art in the Marais – found on our detoured walk home

Statue at the front gate of Chateau Versailles

Inside looking out at the front gates of Chateau Versailles- pure opulence

Gardens of Chateau Versaille

Temple of Love on Marie Antoinette’s Estate

I will end this post here for now because if I don’t I really could keep going with pictures with the next being more stunning than the last  Not tooting my own horn it’s just Paris is so pretty a photographer doesn’t have to try hard at all to get a good shot.   The weather was also perfect the entire trip as you can see from the consistent blues skies in every picture.  Couldn’t have asked for more.

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8 thoughts on “Love London From Afar – Paris Edition Pt 1

    • Thanks! I wish I could do it myself. There is a salon across the street from my flat. There is also another one in the same strip that does just natural hair and no extensions. I’ll show you. Closer to you moving here remind me what area you’ll be in again.

  1. My Canadian friends were here the past two weeks and they did a side trip to rome and also one to paris. they just got back from Paris last night and were exhausted. i didn’t know it’d be bastille day while they were there… it was.

    i miss paris.

    • £69 return on eurostar if you book early enough!! My brother and his girlfriend are hoping to come here ins September and want to go for a few days. I’m sure I will return eventually.

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