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Something borrowed

I’ve put myself on a book ban.  I am not allowed to purchase any more until I read what I have in my personal library.  This is incredibly hard.  To get around this if I’m not feeling like reading soemthing I own, I’ve started borrowing books from the library.  My boyfriend always seems to find something.  I however go in and most times find nothing and then gravitate towards the travel section which is pretty extensive. 

I think it’s mostly because our library is just a small branch so most of the books I want are not there.  So then I must reserve.  The thing that sucks is we have to pay to reserve books.  It’s annoying, that’s the purpose of using the library, it’s meant to be free.  Yes, it’s still cheaper than buying but then I have to wait.  I have just received 1/3 books that I recently reserved.  

Then once I get the book I have to deal with mysterious stains or bits of food.  This recent one isn’t bad as the book itself is a new release but one I just finished reading 2 weeks ago was kinda gross.  I recognize that the way I read books – so that it looks like it’s never been touched – is not how others will.  But is it too much to ask that you at least not eat over it?  Or drink or anything else gross?  I mean we’re sharing.   

I’m determined to stick to this ban…but it’s looking bleak.


4 thoughts on “Something borrowed

  1. I love books! Love, love, love. I like the library too; my branch has some good books even though it’s a smaller branch.

    “I recognize that the way I read books – so that it looks like it’s never been touched – is not how others will.”

    Lol, I’m like that too. I’m extra careful not to even put a crinkle in the page. It makes me cringe when I see people flipping the pages quickly or folding pages over. And I do hate those food stains (or even worse, “what the heck is that?” stains)

    That said, I’m completely behind your book ban. Read the ones you have first!

    • I used to be sooo bad when I was younger. Now books I read look like they may have been glanced through. I just organised my shelf so now I have a good understanding of how much to get through, about 10 give or take if I don’t give up as a few I’ve already attempted in the past. But if I don’t read them then off to the charity shop they go.

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