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Lovebox 2011

I’m 2/3 days into my first music festival!!  The Brits are serious about them.  There is a lot of choice to fit your tastes occurring throughout the summer.  Lovebox is being held in East London, Victoria Park to be exact.  You probably have heard of Glastonbury which is their biggest music festival.

We choose Lovebox because it was affordable and we wouldn’t have to camp out.  Huge plus when you consider British summers and their quickly changing weather from sun and hot (sorta) to torrential downpour as was the case today.  Day one was really fun although there weren’t any acts I wanted to see.  We saw a dance battle, I’ll have videos later, can’t be bothered to upload to YouTube as it’s 1:34 am at the moment.

There were some annoyances though, people throwing beer cans or cups into crowds for no apparent reason other than to be a douche bag.  Besides that it’s been really great.  Today rained really hard so now it looks like Woodstock.  I don’t have wellies but I managed and didn’t come out too muddied up.

Nice welcome at the front gates

some times I feel like somebody’s watching meeeeeee

Let’s face it, they weren’t amazing in the 80’s and they aren’t amazing now

Oh right it is a music festival, Santigold here

Costumes are the thing to do apparently, I didn’t get the memo

Boyfriend and I took a ride on the giant wheel and got a nice view of the Olympic Park

The artists I’ve seen so far (that I went to the festival for) were Katy B, Santigold, and Lykke Li.  Although we attempted to stick around and watch Snoop Dogg but it was soo packed we just escaped and came home early.  There are some really great artists tomorrow but the one I really want to see is Robyn.  Can’t wait!  Also each day has been themed and the theme of tomorrow is Out & Out Fierce, should be good.


3 thoughts on “Lovebox 2011

    • It was nice on Friday until the rain came Saturday and Sunday! Tons more going on there besides music. Santigold was SO good. I’ve watched some of her youtube stuff from earlier days and she sounded shaky but not here, she sounded good and solid. She did some new tunes as well so we shall be getting some new material soon, about damn time!

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