Camden Town

When I lived in north London I was a 20 minute bus ride from Camden.  At one point I was visiting the market at least once sometimes twice a week.  It is an area that has a huge tourist draw but for some reason I am never annoyed by this when I go there.

It is a great area to peruse and when my mom was here this is where I brought her to get souvenirs.  As many times as I have been to the market I discovered some areas that I missed on past visits.

Atop an entrance to a bar

Mom – Obligatory tourist picture with the giant horse head

Anyone else getting Halloween ideas?  No, just me…ok.


10 thoughts on “Camden Town

  1. LOL at the halloween outfit idea!! I’m thinking I want to dress as a chav or as one of the girls from Black Swan!

    What visa do you have? I started to apply for the work visa (under the Youth Mobility Scheme) and it’s such a pain in the ass!! I hate paperwork!

    • Hey, when are you coming? You can’t apply more than a month in advance to coming I don’t think. I am on the Youth Mobility as well, it’s relatively straight forward. The only issue you would have is if they have hit their cap when you are sending it through but even then I think you’ll be ok.

      LOL do the chav!! I was thinking about it as well.

      • Hey! Just went to the office and applied for it today! I paid for rush delivery because they have a backlog of applications and I need my passport back ASAP because I’m going to the U.S. in a couple of weeks. If all goes well I’ll be in London by mid-October!

  2. I love the names in England, “Camden Town” “Newcastle Upon Thyne”. They’re so… elegant.

    Ha, I didn’t get any Halloween ideas, no. I like the dress on the right.

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