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Around my neighbourhood

My boyfriend and I took a walk Saturday evening to explore our neighbourhood.  We’ve been living in this area for a year (next week) so about time we ventured around.

Wandle river


9 thoughts on “Around my neighbourhood

  1. cool river! those little purple flowers – what do you think they are? my exboyfriend (yeah, we broke up.) and his friends told me they were lilacs, but they don’t have lilac leaves so i didn’t believe them.

  2. The flowers look like buddhlia – they’re part of a big bush, right? Butterflies love ’em.

    Cool blog 🙂

  3. Your neighborhood has a beautiful landscape. The feature looks so calm. I can just stare at it for a long time. Visiting family always makes you feel like your home again. This is where we had our sweetest childhood memories. Thank you for the visit/ comment. Hope to see more of your post.

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