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Love London – Music

When I posted about a few Canadian artists that I love last month naturally the idea to post about British artists crossed my mind.  So I decided to post it under my Love London series in keeping with this summer theme and also because I haven’t added to the series in a little while. 

I’m sure a lot of people are well aware of the impressive talent that has come from this small island.  There are the obvious choices (for me anyways) like Radiohead, Gorlilaz, Adele, Amy Winehouse, and so much more in every genre.  I wanted to highlight a few singers/bands that have a good following here but maybe aren’t as well known internationally.

Hot Chip – I believe I heard of them some time in 2008 before moving here.  A clip of this song played and the host on MTV Canada mentioned their name.  I’ve been a fan ever since.


The xx – I first heard of them in 2009 when their debut album dropped though they formed in 2005.  They have a chill sound and while I am not in love with the album Jamie from the band has done a lot of solo work via remixing other artist’s music.  He remixed Gil Scott-Heron’s newest album I’m New Here.  There is also a remix of Adele’s song Rolling in the Deep that I quite like.

I know, either you like that surprise in the voice change or you don’t, I happen to like it but it caught me off guard first listen as well.

Katy B – I first heard about her some time last year.  I since have acquired her album and saw her perform at Lovebox this year.  She is great live and I highly recommend checking our her album.

Ed Sheeran – is not originally from London.  I first saw him perform on Later with Jools Holland earlier this year.  He also performed at Lovebox another artist that is really good live.


M.I.A – now I assume most people know her but when I moved here a lot of Brits didn’t.  She now lives in the US and I know she has a big following here and in Canada.  I have all 3 of her albums and really like her collaborations with other artists.  It is difficult to post my favourite M.I.A song so I will just post one from her newest album.  Most know her song Paper Planes which was in that horrible movie Pineapple Express.  Her newest album which dropped last year got mixed reviews but I love it.


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