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Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

The last time I visited New York was in 2008.  I’ve been going there ever since I was a child as I have family in Brooklyn and Queens.  This time around I went with a good friend Jen who was seeing it for the first time.

We did all things touristy but I had a great time.  Jen choose the agenda and as much as I like to plan a trip’s activities it was nice to give that over to someone else and just enjoy.

We stayed in Manhattan for 4-5 days and some how ended up in Times Square every day.

Central Park is vast and gorgeous…and slightly confusing.  Some how we entered at one point and when we exited we had no clue how we got to that side.  We went over the park map and couldn’t figure it out.

View from the Empire State building

As we know many shows are set and taped in the city but one of the great things about Sex in the City is how well it showcases New York.  The only sets are the inside of their apartments.  Jen wanted to go on the tour and I’m glad we went.

Bergdorf Goodman – favourite shopping spot for the SATC ladies

“Scout” Bar run by Steve and Aiden in the show is actually called O’Nieal’s – we stopped here for cosmos of course

We stopped at 2 other places, the Pleasure Chest where Charlotte learned about the Rabbit and Magnolia Bakery where Carrie and Miranda had cupcakes.  As it was a bus tour the majority of my pictures are from the bus and didn’t come out too clearly.

We also visited ground zero.  There was an eerie quietness even though there were a lot of people around.

The trip was great and packed with so much, we also managed to get to an off broadway play.  People say that New Yorkers are rude, and unkind much like they say of Londoners.  I’ve never experienced this once and have an amazing time every time I visit.


9 thoughts on “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

    • Glad you enjoyed, I totally forgot you were from NY. I would love to go for new years, I know it would be madness but I used to watch the ball drop in times square and wished I could be there. I may have visited around Christmas when I was young but not as I had gotten older.

  1. Love the pics. It’s so funny to be reminded that some people want to get close enough to the naked cowboy to take a picture. I run in the opposite direction whenever I see him!

    Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    • We didn’t even have to try! My friend had a friend who went a few weeks before us and talked about trying to find him and take a picture. We were passing through and he was right in front of us so I couldn’t resist.

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