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Choose your own adventure

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Remember these books?  I used to read them a lot as a kid and they were awesome.  My adventure right now is in London of course but I often toy with the idea of flipping forward a few pages and changing the destination to Toronto.  I almost did in 2008 but I came here instead.

I love Toronto but I’ve never actually lived there.  I’m from the ‘burbs, Mississauga to be exact, also in the catchment known as the greater Toronto area (GTA) where there isn’t a lot of excitement.  Downtown Toronto was always the destination when my girlfriends and I wanted a fun club night out.   Or for festivals or really anything interesting besides movies or restaurants.  After graduation my uni friends and I went our separate ways to our respective cities.  However like a conspiracy, many migrated to Toronto shortly after I crossed the pond in 2008.

As much as I’m all about London I keep up with Toronto news and blogs daily.  Partly to get a reminder of home and partly because I am plotting my escape there one day.  I will be compiling a Move to Toronto page.  For readers who are interested and for me.  A  Plan B is always good and since my boyfriend is now eligible for a visa to Canada our options have opened up.  For the Move to TO page I am asking friends who call the city home to chime in and write.  This may also parlay into some regular guest posts.  So look out for that, who knows, it could be your next adventure.


7 thoughts on “Choose your own adventure

  1. I remember those books!!!! I didn’t know they made adult ones, though.

    Toronto, eh? I don’t think I could live there. I’m not sure what it is, but…. well who knows now that London seems like such a breeze. It’d be weird to only have what… two, three underground lines to rely on?

    Montreal is where I’d want to be.

  2. Ha ha ha! I love the title of this particular one. Strangely enough, I don’t remember finding that one in the library at school!

    I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I ever thought about likening it to choosing our own adventure. I want to move to San Antonio, Texas; San Diego, California or Brisbane, Australia one day but I definitely don’t want to go back to Johannesburg, South Africa!

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