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London is burning

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It’s enraging watching the news right now so I have stopped for a bit, I need a break from the constant updates about the riots.  I’m not in one of the affected areas but the activity is moving south. Looting/damage in Brixton is hitting almost a little too close to home. 

My boyfriend joked that I must be happy that I moved to South London.  Definitely, since last year May I was living in one of the areas that was burned and looted this weekend.  Read this post from my then local bookstore.  People’s homes have been burned and they have to be rehoused, and this isn’t over yet.


9 thoughts on “London is burning

  1. I’m in one of the affected areas now. What’s funny is that I said to some people at work today “I hope this shit doesn’t spread to our area.” I even drafted a blog post this morning to discuss the riots (gonna have to edit it now). I spoke too soon. 😐 I’m about to take a break too; I’ve been in front of my TV & laptop for a little over 4 hours now.

    You’re right; it isn’t over yet. Take it easy & take care.

    • Thanks Lady 🙂 I think the police need a stronger response and should really crack down on the people doing this. However, I know a heavy handed response will get them chastised.

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