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Battersea Park

Last weekend I needed a break from the noise.  London is basically back to ‘normal’ but even after things settled mid week there were still tons more sirens passing by my flat than usual.  I live on the high street so there is no escaping it.

Three Standing Figures – Henry Moore

This was my first visit.  I only made it through about half of the park but it was what I needed.  I couldn’t hear any usual London noise and for that time it felt peaceful in the city.   I did notice however it was overrun with dogs a little more than other parks I’ve gone to.  Every so often I would see a few dogs just walking themselves.  I will definitely return as there is a peace pagoda there that I’d like to see.  I blogged about some of my favourite parks in London here and I’d have to say this one is a good contender for the list.


8 thoughts on “Battersea Park

  1. I just discovered Battersea Park a couple weeks ago and I felt the same way!! I couldn’t believe I’d never been and I was just in love with it. We even went on a row boat because it was so cheap. Def one of my favorite parks in London.

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