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Art in the City


Melizza over at Sifting though…Expat Edition organised a tea get together in June for London bloggers who might want to meet outside of the virtual world.  I couldn’t make it so I offered to plan meet up number 2.

So, if you are interested in doing an art class or pottery and are available on 24 September or 1 October (both Saturdays)  then come join.  First let’s decide on a date then we can decide on whether to do pottery or drawing/painting.

Just respond here and I will in the mean time do another post to add the details about a few places.  Feel welcome to give suggestions of places that provide art classes.  Hope to see you there!


12 thoughts on “Art in the City

  1. I can definitely do 1 October and maybe 24 September if that’s the deciding date. I can shuffle things around to make it work.

    How exciting! I have never taken an art class so this will be fun.

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    • K good to know, I am more inclined to do the art rather than pottery. Feel free to invite bloggers along. Jen from She Went Away wanted to come but probably won’t make it this time around.

  3. Hiya Melissa! I’d love to do a meetup like this – I think expat meetups are definitely the answer to combating the winter blues this autumn and winter.

    I’m free 24 September but definitely not 1 October. I’d prefer painting or drawing but am supremely useless at both!

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