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Three years

I was so completely convinced that it was 3 years ago today that I first touched down in London. Well I’m wrong, that day was September 20th, I just checked my passport.  So, I’m 2 days late ah well.

Three years sounds short but so much has happened in that time that it feels long, in a good way of course.  I started my blog in October 2008 but didn’t start properly blogging until January 2009.  Like most expats I started blogging to update family and friends but hardly any of them read this.  I also started so I could share the information I knew about moving to London as I struggled to find decent info on the experience of living here.  I don’t know how successful I’ve been but it has been fun.

For those who are more recent readers here is a quick synopsis to get you up to speed.  I moved here to study in 2008 from Toronto Canada.  I took a break from studying last year and I am now working and plan to return to finish my degree in the near future.  In 2009 I met my boyfriend and so I think I’ll be in London for a while, until I convince him to probably move to Canada.  Besides that I like to think I’m still the wide-eyed fresh-faced explorer after all this time and I like to share my travels and observations from the perspective of a Canadian in London.  Thanks for reading and commenting.


13 thoughts on “Three years

  1. Happy 3 yrs! Last month was my 1 yr of being in Germany and I couldn’t believe how fast it went by me. I’m glad you are still having fun and exploring the country!

  2. Just found your blog & it is lovely!

    Happy Anniversary! I am just 2 weeks (or should I say a fortnight) shy of my 2nd year in the UK- time sure seems to go by quickly in London.


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