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Highgate Cemetary

Some time in August I ventured to Highgate Cemetery in north London with my boyfriend and my friend Tim.  It had been on my never-ending list of places to visit in the city for a while so I was looking forward to finally going.

The cemetery is actually Grade 1 listed on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England and while I knew Karl Marx was buried there I didn’t realise that it was such a hub of famous/noted people’s graves.

The cemetery is divided into two parts and we opted for checking out the East cemetery at £3/pp.  There are many famous people buried there however I’m guessing the grave of Karl Marx is the biggest draw.  East is also the cheaper option as West cemetery requires that you do a guided tour at £7/pp.  We only had about 2 hours until it closed when we got there so we decided to explore on our own, and we really wanted to see Marx’s grave.

The cemetery is really quite beautiful and atmospheric.  As we strolled through similar type markers popped up but there were many stand out markers that I especially liked.

Marx’s original grave marker was more humble.  The original one is in the cemetery but we didn’t search it out.

This had been shifted or broken off from its original marker but it wasn’t obvious where it belonged.  I’m guessing a sisyphus reference?


12 thoughts on “Highgate Cemetary

  1. This is a just a nice walk away from our flat but we haven’t been. We wanted to go one day and got turned off by it charging for entrance. I never heard of a famous cemetery charging before, not in Paris, or New Orleans. So, it’s worth paying for?

    Lovely photos, by the way. It does look awfully pretty. Maybe we should give it a try.

    • I was a bit so-so about them charging as well but I’d have to say it was worth it. I’m guessing because it is listed that they are able to charge? Not sure. Oh they also charge for the map but it was very helpful. It’s a quid but I kept mine as a souvenir.

  2. This has been on my list for awhile. It does seem a bit -tacky?- to pay to visit peoples graves. But I guess that would have stopped Jim Morrison’s grave from being vandalized.

    Nice photos!

    • I can understand it though, seeing as Marx’s grave has been vandalised. They take care of the grounds and ensure that it doesn’t fall into disrepair so fair enough. If they go any more than £3 they are pushing it.

  3. It’s really disturbing how many Cemeteries are being vandalized these days, so I’m all for charging a fee for maintenance. Your guided tour of this one does a nice job of showing the appeal of visiting graveyards !

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