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Novice Knitter

When I was in Cornwall a few weeks ago I asked my boyfriend’s mum to teach me how to knit.  I’ve wanted to learn for a while now but never took the time to learn.  I have a gorgeous winter hat knitted by my friend Justin shown here.  His creations have propelled me to want to make some of my own.  He has a way outdated blog but you can check out some of the things he’s made there.

So one evening David’s mum taught me how to knit and even though I caught on relatively quickly it was a bit frustrating starting out.  It just felt really awkward holding the needles.  This is what I produced:

I know, it doesn’t look like much but I was proud that I made a pattern.  I bought some really nice wool and now I’m making a scarf as my first project. The colour is called volcano.

I’m trying to finish it in a month, not sure if that is too ambitious.  However knitting it is highly addictive as I’ve been warned, so I think I can.


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