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British Fare: An Old Favourite Sunday Roast

I noticed that there was a huge void on this blog.  I talk and share pictures about places to go and things to do in the city and farther afield but I have never once discussed where to eat.  Thankfully I have a friend who is not only passionate about her food but also has a knack for finding great places to eat in the city.  I’ve asked her to start reviewing places for the blog and I’m hoping to make this a regular feature.   So let me know what you think.

Introducing Caitlin, an American expat who is going to be my resident food/restaurant critic.  For a time.  Enjoy!

When my lovely friend Melissa asked me to contribute to this blog as the ‘in the know’ foodie, I was thrilled. I may not know London’s best bars or clubs or places for a daytime activity, but damn it I know its food. This stems from the almost spiritual relationship I have with food.

Eating is, no joke, one of my top three favorite things to do; it is a hobby. I love eating so much, sometimes I wish I had that disease where you never feel full just so I could do it all the time. If being a glutton is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

My love affair with food has led me to many a good, and bad restaurant in London and it only seems right to share this wisdom with the world; or whoever happens to stumble across this blog. With so many food experiences under my belt, I found it difficult to actually come up with a topic for this first post. Where to start among endless delicious meals? And so I finally decided on a grand old English tradition: the Sunday roast.

Sunday Roast

As an American in London, Sunday roast is one of my absolute favorite things about England. We do roast in the States, but not with the weekly punctuality that the Brits do it. Now I’m not talking about roast chicken; that is usually part of the Sunday roast menu but we do it with such abundance in the US (google Boston Market) that it just doesn’t have the same appeal for me. I’m referring to the meaty goodness that is roast beef, lamb, or pork; beef being my personal favorite. A couple of slabs of beef, roast potatoes, veggies and a Yorkshire pudding equals a delicious plate of Sunday heaven.

Sunday roast is found in practically every pub in England and it is a very easy meal to cock-up. Believe me, I have had some BAD roasts. This makes finding a truly delicious roast dinner even more exciting. While I am always on the hunt for more places that do a good roast I have managed to find 3 that are absolutely worth visiting, even if you have to travel a bit for them.

First is a pub called The Peasant.

It is an award-winning gastropub in Clerkenwell that does delicious food in general. It’s not owned by a big pub chain so it has one of those genuine local pub vibes. The roast is delicious and perfectly cooked, there is a decent selection of beers and wine, and the staff are pleasant. The prices are a little higher than you would pay at other pubs; about £15 for a roast with all the trimmings. But the food is delicious and is highly recommended. It is also highly recommended that you book a table.

    Picture credit

240 St. John Street London EC1V 4PH 0207 336 7726

Second on the list is The Marksman.

This was my local pub when I was living in Shoreditch and I cannot recommend it enough; this place is just epic. It is another privately owned pub and it shows in the quirky décor and ever changing delicious food menu. The staff go above and beyond every time to make sure you enjoy your visit and the drinks prices are amazingly cheap, particularly for Shoreditch!

It’s not just Sunday roast that The Marksman does well; I would regularly go there during the week to eat. It is just a truly wonderful place and is very reasonably priced. Go there and go now. You will thank me for it. Once again, I recommend booking if you want to get a table as it is very popular.

     Picture credit

254 Hackney Road London E2 7SJ 0207 739 7393

Last but not least is the best roast I have ever had in London. It is amazing. It is juicy and tender and perfect in every way. The setting is classic London and the service is flawless. And surprisingly, the roast is not as expensive as you would expect once I tell you what this place is: The Wolseley.

This place is a London institution and is a favorite celebrity haunt; if that is your sort of thing. It is also the sort of place where you need to dress smartly to go eat there. One: because they probably won’t let you in if you’re wearing grubby trainers and a track suit. And two: because you want to dress nice for this place; its part of the experience of going. This is fancy roast and fancy roast is not for everyone. However, I urge you to try out fancy even just this once because fancy roast is especially delicious.

You absolutely need to book a table to eat here. And you need to book it well in advance; otherwise you will not be able to get one which will make you sad because then you will have no delicious roast.

  Picture credit

160 Piccadilly London W1J 9EB 0207 499 6996

If any of you have any tokens of roast wisdom to share, please do! All this talk of Sunday roast has made me hungry for a new spot to try.


13 thoughts on “British Fare: An Old Favourite Sunday Roast

  1. I love love love the roast at Bacchus in Hackney, near Hoxton overground station. The chicken is delish, the potatoes are cooked in goose fat and the veggies are not overcooked. Perfection.

    Now I have to try out some of these places to see how these compare to what I’ve had. Yum!

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