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Ich liebe Berlin

Travel flashback:

Berlin was the first place I visited after to moving to London.  I went when my friend Jen from Canada visited.  She was here for about 2 weeks and so we decided to get in a mini city break.

We chose Berlin simply because out of the cheap flights we found on Ryanair it seemed the most interesting.  When you go to a place like Berlin where the world knows so much about the history it is always a bit surreal.  The first day we did a free 6 hour walking tour.  Long but a good way to start as it highlighted the most popular sites.

We were even shown some pop culture references.  We passed by a few buildings that were shown in Run Lola Run.  As well as the hotel that Michael Jackson dangled his youngest child blanket over the balcony.

The next day we made a trip down to the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery.  On the tour we had seen parts of the wall that was eroding and protected by fencing.  It was nice to get up close to this part of the existing wall.

Later that night on recommendation by my encounter guide we tried a restaurant with traditional German cuisine.  I had never really had German food before so I was looking forward to it.

On our final full day in Berlin we decided to do another tour.  But before that I headed out in the morning to meet up with Tim who we met on the free walking tour.  His couch surfing hosts suggested going to Victoria Park as the view at the top was the best in the city.  That morning the snow also decided to make an appearance.


The weather the first two days was great but then turned to snow and grey.  A more fitting mood for the sombre tour to Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

After the tour we went to Potsdamer Platz.

We attempted to check out the German Parliament but the queue was long and it was very cold.   Instead we visited some of the places that were shown to us on our first tour.  I love exploring at night, the buildings are lit up and look gorgeous.

The following day we were flying out in the evening so we had time to make a final stop and went to the Jewish Museum.  There was a charge to enter but the audio guide was free.

Berlin is undeniably cool, there is a quirky artsy vibe that I really liked.  It is surprisingly a cheap city break as well.  Our accommodation while being a hostel was hotel standard. It remains my favourite European city and I can’t wait to return.


21 thoughts on “Ich liebe Berlin

    • I don’t remember the exact name of the first one but the second is strudel, and yes it was yummy. Berlin is very pretty but there are bits that are very grimy looking. Especially around the subway stations.

  1. Oh, lovely! I love that I wasn’t really interested in visiting Berlin before but your photos and commentary have changed all that! I would also visit Sachenhausen and the Jewish Musuem. Did you stay in touch with Tim? I love the view from Victoria Park.

    • Glad you’ve had a change in heart you won’t be disappointed. It is a beautiful city and so much to do there. I have stayed in touch with Tim. I even hosted him at my parent’s house when I was in Canada last and he was travelling the Americas.

  2. Interesting article, lovely photos and, my, it has changed!

    I was born in Berlin in 1959 but haven’t been back there since the wall came down when I sold up and moved to Africa.

    Having seen that Wildgericht, the game food menu on the chalk board outside the restaurant, I am suffering from more than a little Heimweh, homesickness!

    And snow! My son was ten years old before he saw his first snow when I took him to the Black Forest to visit my brother two years ago.

    If you like Germany and like to walk around, which, if you are prepared to walk for six hours around a city, presumably you do, I can recommend the Black Forest and also Berchtesgarten and Salzburg in Austria. These are the true chocolate box images of Germany and the food is outstanding. You can even arrange a walking holiday where you stay in nice places and then your luggage is forwarded on to the next hotel while you spend the day walking through spectacular scenery, enjoying a liesurely lunch on the way and allowing you to dress for dinner in civilised surroundings. A sort of gourmet tour with time to walk off the calories and be part of the scenery between meals.

    Each town and village has its own locally brewed beer so as a young man I would sometimes take a week or ten days off and hike from brewery to brewery but, I suspect your tastes will be subtly different!

    • Hi Tom welcome and thanks for the comment. That type of walking holiday sounds amazing actually. I’m guessing there are tour companies out there that I could arrange that through? Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Honestly, it is better than expensive therapy and cleanses the soul.

        Every German region, right down to village level, has offices that assist tourists, not only foreign tourists. Just as the English visit Scotland, Wales or the West Country, plenty of Germans holiday within their own country.

        It is you that decides the distance of each day’s leg and the tourist agency will recommend and book the hotels for you along the route but take my advice, however far you think you can walk in a day, halve it. Not only is wandering about in the mountains tiring, there will always be something to distract you and as the sun goes down and the chill wind starts to blow down off the snow capped Alps, there is nothing more depressing than realising, shit, I’ve still got five miles to go!

        Or in Germany, eight kilometres…

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  4. Cool to see this post about Berlin! Since we moved to Europe, we have definitely decided Berlin is one of our favourite cities! You captured it really well here I think! Especially love your photos of the Brandenburg Gate at night, and Potsdamer Platz black and white shots. I know what you mean about needing to post retrospectively, we are in the process of doing the same on our blog about some of our travels as we go! A shame you didn’t get into the Bundestag – neither did we as we didn’t know they brought in a new system of registration to get in! So even if you joined the long queue maybe you would have disappointed once you got to the front anyway! Do you plan on heading back to Berlin? we can’t wait to!

    • I would love to return and bring my boyfriend next time. When did you go? Not sure the registration was needed when we were there but either way it was too cold for us to wait and try to get in. I’ve seen so many pictures of Berlin since going and there is so much I missed. Can’t wait to just go and just get lost in the city.

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  7. I enjoyed reading this. The food looked GOOD. I’m not that adventurous when it comes to food, but I would eat that lol. My trip is next week, so I thought I’d look through a few of your posts for a few ideas of what to see. I was also thinking about taking a walking tour, as those tour buses just FLY by lol. 6 hours however, is quiet long. I found one for 4 hours however. I’m still thinking i.e. bus or walk lol.

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