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Camden night out: The Roundhouse

Last week I saw Lykke Li at the Roundhouse in Camden.  It was the first time I’ve seen a show at this venue and the first time I went to a concert solo!  It was much less intimidating than I had anticipated.   Probably because I noticed that a few others around me had come alone as well.  No one wanted to see her and I didn’t want to miss out.

The venue has a great set up and as the name effectively describes, it is round giving an excellent view of the stage no matter where you are standing.  Lykke was great and has an amazing energy when she performs live.  If you aren’t familiar with her music get on it already, she’s very talented.

While the concert itself was great I was puzzled by the lack of audience participation.  I thought people were supposed to dance at concerts?  She sang a few slow songs but it was almost painful to see how uninterested some people appeared to be even during the faster tracks.  I’m thinking some maybe didn’t know who she was and bought tickets because they were cheap to give her a chance.  I don’t know, and I wasn’t the only to notice this.  Other concert goers commented on her Facebook page apologising for the audience.  It didn’t faze me though and I danced up a storm.  Check her out below:


13 thoughts on “Camden night out: The Roundhouse

    • I actually did it once before but that was because someone backed out last minute and it was Lenny Kravitz, husband number 2 so I had to go. In this case it was weird at first. I will definitely ask you next time because I still prefer company.

  1. I went to Exit Festival alone last year so I could handle a concert!! Usually I go with Ste which is kind of like going alone as he never knows any of the music. I love the Roundhouse! I’ve been there twice to see Shpongle and once to see Mika (which was actually for the husband for a change). Yeah, let me kno if you’re going solo to a concert, I’ll try join in.

  2. Oh I love Lykke Li!

    I’ve experienced this non dancing thing in London too! My friend and I were dancing at Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and the rest of the audience started throwing bottles at us to tell us to sit down! I wondered too if they had ever even heard their music as the song was literally encouraging movement. I mean, the song was even titled Awake My Body. Anyway they all sat perfectly still. That is, until Home came on. Play the radio favorite and all the hypocrites stand up.

    • It’s odd isn’t it? I know there is the traditional (and slightly stereotypical) stiff upper lip reserve that some Brits have but you wouldn’t think that would be the case at a concert.

      Lykke is lovely isn’t she? She seems to be doing well in North America.

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