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The Art of the Flashmob

I know the whole flashmob thing is mostly passe (it is isn’t it?) but Londoners have participated in quite a few.  Some of the best ones were actually T-mobile adverts. Check out this one below.  My boyfriend and I fly out of Heathrow in 26 days for a two week trip to Toronto and while I am not thinking of our return it would be fun to be welcomed back this way:

* I noticed you can’t watch it on here but it will bring you to youtube to view it there *


7 thoughts on “The Art of the Flashmob

  1. There was a flashmob in some movie I watched the other night. With Justin Timberlake. Friends With Benefits, maybe?

    Also, I think there is a new show called “Mobbed,” and there was definitely a major FlashMob for a grand proposal. YouTube it!

    I think they’re cool. I wanna get caught up in one.

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