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A Winter Walk

Probably questioning coming to Canada during the winter…

St Peter’s Anglican Church

There isn’t much visible history in Mississauga (suburbs of Toronto) but we explored one remnant of the past, the ‘church on the hill’ founded in 1825.

The Credit River – Erindale Park

The Credit River – Erindale Park

We’ve been in Canada for a few days now.  It’s nice to be home, but yes it is cold.  Apparently we brought the snow as it hadn’t snowed much (i.e stayed on the ground) before Wednesday.  Our New Years plans have us staying mostly inside for a Mad Men themed house party and of course you can expect pictures.

What are you up to for NYE?


2 thoughts on “A Winter Walk

  1. Mad Men? That is fabulous!

    I’m in with the new flatmate. She’s making tapas. We’ll be heading down to Bermondsey Wall to try to catch the fireworks at midnight. I’m in jammas. I’m so happy not to be out doing something!

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