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Toronto Walking Tour – Day 2

One of my biggest disappointments with the city is that they are building condo, condos, and more condos.  It doesn’t make for a very interesting landscape.  The start of our second day around the city started near a fairly new development of condos.  Here close to an expressway is the Terry Fox Memorial Park.

Right beside is the canoe landing park which is marked with a giant canoe over looking the gardiner express.  Why you ask?  Apparently because it denotes a symbol of Canadiana.

Next we went to the CBC building to check out the museum.  It was tiny, but free and loaded with tons of memories.  Props from popular children shows were there.

The tickle trunk!  Encased in glass but it was still exciting to see, I used to love this show.

Next we went to the garment district as Shawn wanted to show us a cool store.  A giant thimble resting on buttons by artist Stephen Cruise marks the area.

After this we went to Kensington market, which was an area we had perused on our last visit but it’s like Camden for me, always worth returning.

Rob Ford – mayor of Toronto

Last stop was Honest Ed’s a bargain store which is a Toronto landmark.  The garish lighting outside makes it look like a theatre.  The inside is somewhat of a surprise with stark plain white walls.  I remember going as a kid and it’s probably been at least over 20 years since my last visit.  The inside looks exactly the same.

My boyfriend’s verdict after properly spending a few days in Toronto – it’s alright.  Not sure this has convinced him he wants to move here.  Actually I’m not sure it’s convinced me either.  I love Toronto and assumed I’d have a strong feeling of wanting to move back.  That feeling has not come since I’ve been here.  I was homesick and needed a break from Europe, maybe the visit is enough for now.


2 thoughts on “Toronto Walking Tour – Day 2

  1. Was it more like ‘meh’? I am curious as to what my impression would be of Toronto after living in London. I mean, if I can do London I can do ANYTHING, right? I used to get so overwhelmed in Toronto…

    • No it wasn’t ‘meh’, more like this is nice but do I want to live here. I used to get a little overwhelmed by Toronto as well, but now not at all. It’s still nice, and liveable and would be great to be back with friends and family but not a huge draw at the moment to make that move. Also it’s friggin’ cold! I might feel different in the summer. I’m still having fun in London I suppose but I go back and forth in my mind on this decision all the time.

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