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A Royal Affair

Last week I sent in an application to attend one of the two garden parties that will be held by the Queen this year at Buckingham Palace.  I’ve been accepted!!  It will be taking place on 22 May.  I receive my tickets 6 weeks before the date and that is when I will get security and further guidance about the event.  So far the only guidance I have is:

Dress code

Ladies: Day dress with hat or substantial fascinator. Trouser suits are permitted providing they are of matching material and colour. Gloves are optional.

Gentlemen: Morning dress or lounge suit (i.e. business suit).

So that’s the good news.  Bad news, no cameras allowed.  Now the next important thing to consider, hat or substantial fascinator?


13 thoughts on “A Royal Affair

    • Fixed the typo for you, that annoys me too, there should be at least a timed edit function. Thanks for the link, will check her out. I do feel as though fascinator is the way to go.

    • That’s cool, I’m not a royalist but I figure it would be an interesting experience and I get to go inside the Palace for free so I’m up for it. LOL as for the top hat I’ll pass but maybe I could incorporate a maple leaf as part of the outfit.

  1. I didn’t get ANYTHING yet via email… i hope my application went through. Fascinator – substantial – is definitely the way to go.

    I heard that people in the royal box at Ascot aren’t allowed to wear fascinators b/c it distracts the horses!

    • I hope yours goes through as well! I was thinking we’d all get through pretty easily, here is hoping. Interesting, of all the distractions I wouldn’t think fascinators would be a significant one.

  2. Wow! Congrats! That sounds so exciting!! I agree with the others – fascinator. I got to wear my first fascinator to a wedding this winter, it was so much fun. It is a pity you can’t take photos – you’ll have to take extensive notes.

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