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Exploring Cornwall: St Ives

When I returned from my trip to Cornwall last September I rushed to get some pictures up on the blog as it was such a beautiful destination and I wanted to share.  I’m going to do a few posts to show in depth what I saw and did during my holiday.

St. Ives is one of the more popular holiday towns in Cornwall.  I was based there with my boyfriend and his parents for 7 days.  The town boasts gorgeous coast lines, the Tate St Ives, The Barbara Hepworth Museum, golden sandy beaches, and more galleries per square mile than you’ve ever seen.  In September the town hosts a festival celebrating music and the arts.

Tate St Ives

There was an interesting interactive exhibit at the Tate.  Artist Martin Creed filled a room with balloons as he wanted to explore boundary and space in an unsettling way.  I was hesitant to go inside as I hate when balloons pop close to me.  Since everyone I was with decided to go in peer pressure won over and I entered.  It was a very disorienting feeling but once you get past that it was actually quite fun.

The interactive exhibit below had everyone who entered stand with their back to the wall to mark their height.  Mine is lost somewhere in there.

The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Garden

Barbara Hepworth was an English sculptor who lived and worked in St. Ives.  The museum is essentially her studio space and a sculpture garden.

Around town

There are cute shops around every corner…

St Ives can be reasonably explored in about 2-3 days.

Next in Exploring Cornwall: The Lost Gardens of Heligan.


13 thoughts on “Exploring Cornwall: St Ives

  1. This post is just stunning (so I’ve had to share it with everyone I know!) I love your photos and well done – you have absolutely convinced me to visit St Ives!

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