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Venturing north to York

Due to another trip home in the summer and other responsibilities tying up the majority of my disposable cash I am destined to stick closer to home in 2012 when it comes to travel.  I hope to make it to a few more European countries but I will have to pass on Thailand (again) for now.

Staycations in England however still provide varied landscapes and with so much history in this country I think I will be happily occupied for the year.  I have to give it up to Jen for suggesting a trip to York.  It is a great short city break.

Gorgeous at night…

And in the day…

So many churches, the next three pictures are all from different churches in the same vicinity

Our hotel The Churchill was a great find located just under a 10 minute walk to the town centre.  The people of York were so nice and welcoming and funny.  A taste of what some had to say:

“Don’t judge England by London, that place is ugh’

‘The further North you go the better it gets’

‘Have fun in my city, you’ll love it and you will come back’

I do love it and I will go back.


7 thoughts on “Venturing north to York

  1. I LOVE York. The people are so nice and the people really care for their city. I had the best time there. Glad it wasn’t just me and that it is truly a nice, beautiful city.

    • You’re right they do care for their city, you see it and feel it. We were all snapping pictures by the ruins and then randomly as this man was walking by he stopped and asked if we wanted our picture taken together. Londoners will oblige you but they would never offer that. Also any time we pulled out a map not even 5 seconds passed by and someone would ask us if we were lost and if they could help direct us on. It was such a lovely city.

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