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Behind the scenes of the Tube

Recently I’ve been tuning in to watch a new show called The Tube.  The show’s tagline is – A look behind the scenes of the London underground as it undergoes the biggest overhaul in its history, focusing on key members of staff and some of the problems they face.

The Tube (pronounced chube) is hugely iconic to the city.  It is also very valuable as it transports roughly 4 million people a day and this number is steadily growing due to the economic climate.  I still stand behind the notion that it is the best subway system in the world.  It is not without its faults but even with the delays, closures, and the brace yourself mentality you must take on to ride it, when it works it works extremely well.

The Olympics will be taking place this year in London from 27 July to 12 August.  This will inevitably draw even more tourists who will clog up use the already overcrowded system.  Many of the upgrades are supposed to be finished in time for the games but I’m unsure if this will actually happen.

The show is brilliant and if you aren’t watching it you should, especially if you live or have lived in London.  The viewer gets to see inside the control rooms at various stations and how the trains are regulated.  Every episode a few staff members are highlighted, train drivers, customer service crew, cleaners, and managers.  You may or may not be surprised at how many happy and nice customer service crew members there are.  I don’t use the tube to commute to work so I don’t have many bad experiences surrounding delays etc.

I’ve learned such interesting and totally useless facts while watching.  Such as 100 dead animals a year are cleared off the tracks.  Also a delay of a few seconds by say someone holding the door open at one station could spiral into a 10 minute delay for the trains which are 4 stations behind.

The series has many funny moments as they show the quirks of people who use the tube.  There are also sombre ones as they discuss and go through what happens when someone falls, is pushed, or jumps on to the track.  If you are a tube geek, even if you aren’t I suggest checking it out.  For those not in London the show can be found online.


4 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of the Tube

  1. Your blog is looking lovely! I am always impressed with how you continue to improve it (and thank you so much for including me on your blogroll!) I have missed every episode of this show so far as there is just so much TV for us on Mondays but I must try catch up with it on iPlayer.

    • Thanks a lot Emm 🙂 I was really bored with my last theme and have been trying to change it for a while but nothing looked the way I wanted it to. WordPress just makes it so easy. I’ve only caught 2 episodes myself so I’ll have to catch up on the rest but it’s fascinating and when I ride the tube now I can never look at it the same way.

  2. I once found a wonderful old book in a second-hand bookshop in Oxford’s covered market. I just tried to find it for you but can’t locate it. It told the reader about all the interesting bits of behind the scenes London. Places that are accessible to people if only they knew of their existence. I’ll keep looking – it’s been many years and house moves.
    Great post. London’s underground transport system is amongst the best in the world. A bit of travelling soon reveals that. The blog looks great by the way 😉

    • That would be great if you could find it. I think I have heard about a book similar to that so maybe I can find something on amazon. I agree that once you travel you appreciate the tube much more. Many big cities (like Toronto) can’t even compare! Thanks I’m liking the new set up.

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