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Easter in London

This time last year I was in Rome.  I went to mass and saw the Pope.  It was a pretty amazing experience even for a non believer like me.  This year I stayed put in London as my friend Erin (who I met the first year I moved here) came for a visit.

I’ve been hosting her for the last couple of days and it’s been fun gallivanting around London. Here are some pictures of our jaunt around town.  She just left today to fly back to Canada.  I will be leaving for Kent shortly to spend the next to days with D’s family but wanted to get a quick post in before that.  Happy Easter!


13 thoughts on “Easter in London

  1. I love spending my easter in London! This is the second year we have done it. I find it to be just the right time to travel to London. Not too hot and muggy in the city, but with a plesant breeze. Yesterday was the only day we got rain in central! Oh and a little bit Saturday morning! From your photos it looks like you got the best of the weather tho! We always book one of the serviced apartments london has to offer and spend our time exploring the city and eating far too much chocolate!

    I have to admit, one place we didnt go to and your photo has reminded me was Stratford! I really wanted to visit the olympic site! doh!

    Looks like you had a lovely easter in London! How was it compared to Rome? (Rome sounds incredible!)

    Thanks for the post.

    P.s. Chocolate looks amazing!!

    • We were lucky that on Good Friday the sun decided to make an appearance. Hard to believe the week before we were getting 23 plus gorgeous weather but such is the fickle English weather. Easter in London (and Kent) was lovely. Rome was amazing of course, but tons of people and it was a solo trip. Glad I went and loved the city and definitely want to return. This Easter it was nice to be with my bf and his family since I couldn’t be with mine. The chocolate picture is from Fortnum & Masons, looks great but also ridiculously expensive.

  2. What great photos! It looks like you had a really London-ey Easter. I’m looking forward to workig near Trafalgar Square from Monday and seeing much more of the traditional, touristy side of London.

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