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Navigating London: There’s an App for That

Whether you’ve lived in London forever, a few months or you are one of those crazy courageous people coming to London for the Olympics there are some very useful apps that might make things a bit easier.  I’ve also added some that are just for fun.  These are specific for apple products, so if you have an android phone check to see if similar ones are offered for free.

1. Tube Map – I probably use this app every time I use the tube.  You can get the paper version at any station but why bother?  This has an updated map of underground and overground stations, live service updates and a journey planner feature.

2. Next Bus Arrivals – very useful if the stop you happen upon doesn’t have an electronic countdown board.  Bus service in (central) London tends to be pretty regular but if you just missed one it might make sense to just walk to your destination.

3. My Disabled Go London – while I haven’t personally used this I found it while downloading other apps.  While London is probably not the most accessible city for those with a mobility disability but they do a fairly good job.  This app gives precise details for thousands of tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping and travel routes that are accessible.

4. London Walks – Walking is the best way to get around in central London.  This app has 13 standard tours most lasting an hour or two.  There is also the option of creating your own tour.  Much easier than carrying around a heavy guide-book.

5. Hidden London – As you might guess this app features the lesser frequented places in London.  Each place has the address, cost, hours of operation, and nearest tube.  Many of these hidden gems are free.  I’d suggest using this in conjunction with the London Walks and you could get to some of these places on your walking tours.

All these apps are free so go forth and enjoy.  Londoners, any other ones that you find really useful or fun?


14 thoughts on “Navigating London: There’s an App for That

  1. I couldn’t live without the National Rail app. I use it every morning and evening! It receives updates before you get then on the platform and it is handy in directing you to the correct platform too.

  2. I always use the following:
    – next bus
    – London Transport
    – Tastecard
    – Train Tickets (free, for train times and platforms, not a journey planner)

    I don’t use this one often at all, but there’s a Soutbank Centre one that tells you what’s on.

    I’m going to checkout the walking one – you know how i love walks!

    • Let me know how you get on with it. I noticed after that you have to upgrade to get the maps and directions. But you can just use your map on an iphone if you have it or an A-Z like I have.

      • Yay more ex-pats connecting! I found ladylovescake when looking for scones and clotted cream in Greenwich. Now she’s found you! Perhaps she’d like to join us on our next expat meetup?

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