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Day tripping: Versailles

The horrible weather has gotten me remembering happier, drier and warmer times.

When I went to Paris last year with my mum I was unsure about making the trip out to Versailles.  We were only in the city for 4 days and I didn’t know if there would be enough time to get around to everything we wanted to see.  In the end I decided that I wanted to go.  My mum was up for it as she probably wouldn’t be in France again for some time.  If you are ever in this position, don’t question, just go.

The interior of the chateau was lovely but I was much more impressed with the exterior and the gardens.  The grounds are vast and expertly manicured.  So big that you could even hire a golf cart to drive around.  There is also a small train that can also transport visitors.  My mum and I decided to walk, and walk and walk.  We explored everything but were unable to make it to the Grand Trianon. That will be for the next visit.  Luckily France is only a few hours away by train.  Here is hoping to better weather soon.  For now I have my pictures.

What’s the weather like where you are?  Where would you transport yourself to right now?


17 thoughts on “Day tripping: Versailles

  1. Wow, what stunning photos! I can see why you have been travelling through your memories to such a lovely sunny time; isn’t London just miserable right now? I am travelling to France for the first time next month, just for four days, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve perfected asking for a cheese baguette and white coffee in French as that is just about all I know!

    • Thanks Mandy. It was such a stunning place and the weather was just right. Here is hoping for a decent summer in London since Spring has been such a wash out. I should be much more fluent in french but usually when I am in a french speaking country it does come back enough to the point where I can get by. As Jen says the French really appreciate you trying to speak the language. Also good sentence to start with.

      • I’ll try brush up on some phrases then. Actually, I better catch up on my numbers! I can only count up to 20 in French!

          • We’re just staying right outside of Calais in Sangatte and we hope to visit Boulougne, Saint Omer, Arras, Lille and Dunkirk. Or, if the weather is nice, we’ll sit on the beach and do no touring at all. 🙂

  2. I wish the weather were nicer. It’s not COLD today, but it’s certainly overcast and spitting and I am remember back to last year when I was in shorts and tshirt out in the sun. But then the rest of summer brought us cardigan weather, so perhaps this is an extended chilly spell to break the path for a good summer? Fingers crossed!

    Mandy, where are you going in France? I can give you a few extra key phrases, such as ‘Parlez-vous anglais?’ usually you’ll get ‘uhhhhh a leetle beat’ which means they are fluent and you’re in their good books for trying the lang!

    Melissa, I think i’d be more interested in the grounds of Versaille than the palace. I had an opportunity to go last year with my mom’s school trip whilst in Paris and i skipped that and met up with them at Sacre Coeur instead. would you say Versaille is similar to the luxe of Windsor Castle?

    • Fingers definitely crossed for some decent weather. I need sun! Spot on with the ‘uhhhhh a leetle beat’ and then they break out with great english.

      Comparable in some ways but Versaille is way bigger and much more opulent than Windsor. Windsor castle was nice though for us because it wasn’t too big and we saw everything in a few hours. The apartments are comparable but then the gardens of the chateau are much better. I think it is a worth while trip, especially since you’ve been to Paris a bunch of times already. I really want to go to Chantilly, I was reading about it as another good day trip for Paris.

    • Aaah, I have to be honest. I know a tiny bit more, like “Comment allez vous?”, “Je m’appelle Mandy”, “Ca va” and of course, “Merci” and “s’il vous plais”. And “comment tu t’appelle” too if I remember correctly.

  3. Versailles is something… been there some years and really enjoyed ut! 🙂
    Back where I am the weather is awful…
    I would now transport me to a sunny island!! 😀

  4. We were just in Paris and I so wanted to visit Versaille as I didn’t get to see it last time I was there. Unfortunately, I procrastinated buying tickets and the morning we were to visit, they were sold out. It will be number 1 on my list next time I’m in Paris.

    (The best part of living in Gabon is the weather – it’s always at least 30 degrees and usually sunny. I actually enjoy rainy days here because it lets me stay inside without feeling guilty! However, that will all be changing soon – we’ll soon be off to a very rainy country!)

    • I didn’t even think about tickets being sold out. We just showed up and bought tickets there so I guess I’m glad they were still available after travelling all that way. You won’t be disappointed when you make it there.

      Lucky you with your gorgeous weather, where are you moving to?? We have started to get a few sunny days so looks like things are turning around finally.

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