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Let the Games Begin

Doesn’t this look like a still from a show/movie?

Well not yet of course.  However, the torch was lit in Greece today and will soon be in London.  No turning back now!  I’m sure once the games start I will be enthusiastic about them.  I will definitely be blogging about it though.

If you are going to be in London during the games and don’t currently have tickets then you should consider heading over to Mandy’s blog at Emm in London where she is having an amazing giveaway where you can score free tickets.  I won’t give the details away, check it out for yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin

    • Honestly I haven’t even been any where near the Olympic park or any other developments. I’ve seen the park from afar though. I have a friend visiting next month so I think we’ll go take a lot before the madness really begins.

    • That is gonna suck, I really don’t know how the system is going to handle the extra people. I’m lucky I won’t be affected but I hate the games on principle. The city can’t afford this and the amount of money being spent on security is crazy. I’m hoping to get in the spirit some how but I’m not feeling it.

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