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Day tripping: Canterbury and Whitstable

I have been to Canterbury so many times I’ve lost count.  D took me there during the first weekend I met his parents 2 years ago.  As they live in a pretty small town we usually head to Canterbury for a day out.

Canterbury is a historic cathedral city located in Kent (south-east England).  Parts of the city have been designated UNESCO heritage world sites.  As you walk around you can see that many old structures remain, like the city wall and the St. Augustine abbey remains.  It is a relatively small city but it is a fairly popular destination.  I always see tons of French school groups clogging touring the streets.

From London it takes about an hour and a half.  If you get an early start I would suggest visiting Whitstable on the same day.  Canterbury does have a lot to explore but as it is small you can see everything and then stop off at Whitstable.  I haven’t explored Whitstable as much but I have gone for the oyster festival (where I didn’t eat any) but had fudge.


15 thoughts on “Day tripping: Canterbury and Whitstable

  1. I’ve already decided that I want to go to the Whitstable Oyster Festival. There are several other food festivals I want to go to as well, including the Garlic Festival on Isle of Wight. Interested?

      • It was in Hove – about fifteen minutes by bus from Brighton… i’m not actually certain it’s worth recommending as it was 24£ each for a private with no breakfast and it was REALLY noisy and no real common area. it was weird. I’m going to ask my friend that lives there for a recommendation.

        • Yeah I’ll skip that place then. We’ve founds places that were basically the same price and with breakfast and in Brighton so will go with one of those. But if your friend knows of a cool place then I’d be up for looking at that.

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