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Always Look Up

I am guilty of looking down, sometimes too much.  Partly due to dog owners thinking cleaning up after their pet is merely an option (to be avoided) and uneven side walks.

I went into central after work today to meet up with a friend for dinner and D came along last minute as he works close to the restaurant.  On our way there I momentarily looked up and glimpsed a painting by street artist Stik.  I loved the piece I saw last year here on the Alternative London tour.  As we had time to spare we went to check it out.

While checking out Stiks we happened upon a garden.

 The Phoenix Garden is a community garden run by volunteers and kindly is open to outside visitors.  It is maintained using sustainable methods and they use plants which are meant to look good year round.  Can anyone identify that plant that is close up?  We couldn’t but I thought it was pretty.  Thanks to Mandy, as she’s always saying to look up because you will always find something interesting in London.


7 thoughts on “Always Look Up

  1. Nice photos!
    And you’re right! It’s way better to take in scenery and be open to surroundings that watching where you step. EXCEPT if you have an unfortunate step. I tend to look far into the distance, and look down at intervals so I notice anything I need to avoid from early on. (It’s something I did intentionally for a while to stop myself from looking down.

    • Thanks, loving the cat one even though I am not a fan of them. I tend to look down when the weather is crap which it has been for a while so yes I need to take more of my surroundings in rather than just think I already know an area. I’ve walked by here so many times and this is the first I ever looked down the side street where this is found.

  2. I´m so with you on this. It is always a pleasure to bump into hidden gems. One thing that I have noticed is that it takes some interest in art to fully appreciate all the graffities, etc, that we see in in the street. Who would have known that the graffities in your pics were made by Stik? Nice pictures!

    • Definitely takes some interest to appreciate. In Toronto the current mayor has no clue. He wants to get rid of a lot of the street art, even a piece that was commissioned by owners of a business. I get that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I think it brightens up a city. That top picture without the Stik piece would have been very drab and boring.

        • Well that specific piece didn’t go as it was on the business that commissioned but unfortunately the mayor is one who doesn’t see any street art as art. Did you hear that the giant stork by ROA in East London might be in danger of being covered up? There is a petition to save it, search it if you are interested. I would provide the link but I don’t have access to fb at the moment (at work).

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