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Garden Party Prep

I am no fashionista.  I wear classic colours and shapes.  I also hate heels and lipstick (though love make up in general) so those were never going to be included in the overall look.

I searched high and low for a dress and could not find anything.  In the end I went with a dress I bought two years ago for a wedding and only wore once.  I searched websites to see what others had worn to past parties and I’m happy with what I’ve put together.  Here is the outfit but of course I will have outfit + me in it later.

I wasn’t sold on the shoes before but putting it all together I think I like them.  I also have a tan/light brownish pair so once I put it on I will decide what I will go with.

The weather is cooperating and today should reach a high of 25 and be sunny!  I’ll post all about the party but here is the agenda that had been included with our invite:

3:00.  Gates Open

3:30.  Tea is served in the Main Tea Tent until 5:00 p.m.

3:40.  Yeomen of the Guard hold ground

4:00.  The National Anthem announces the arrival of Her Majesty The Queen and Members   of the Royal Family.  A small number of individual presentations will be pre-arranged with those who are to be presented in the Garden near the Terrace Steps.  Gentlemen at Arms will then form lanes for The Queen and Members of the Royal Family to move through the guests.

4:15.  Tea is served in the Diplomatic Tea Tent

4:30.  Tea is served in the Royal Tea Tent

5:10.  The Queen and Members of the Royal Family take tea in the Royal Tea Tent

5:50.  The Queen and Members of the Royal Family depart

6:00.  The National Anthem

Roll on tea time with the Queen!  Happy Tuesday.


7 thoughts on “Garden Party Prep

    • Thanks so much! That means a lot, I know what I like but I’m not the greatest at putting things together so glad this works. I especially LOVE the fascinator which was found at M&S thanks to your suggestion! We can bring mobile phones and while they are supposed to be off I will try to take some pictures there if possible.

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