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Day Tripping: Royal Tunbridge Wells

In keeping with the Royal theme of the week (the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are on Sunday) I’m going to post about my recent day trip to Tunbridge Wells with Jen.

Tunbridge Wells is a small town in the heart of the Kent countryside.  In Georgian times it was a popular spa town and gained a reputation as the place to see and be seen amongst royalty and fashionable members of the aristocracy.  Today it retains much of the charm and elegance of it’s Georgian heyday.

Calverley Grounds

We stumbled upon the Pantiles Food Festival, I ate Turkish food, Jen Spanish

Jen bought some rapeseed oil from a lovely stall

After good eats, shopping, and browsing kitchen and homeware stores the sun came out and we explored some more.

We found this residential street that received a best residential street award in 1994 and 1995.  Those are the plaques on the turquoise house bottom right.

Overall it was a good chill day out.  I would suggest going during a festival since it is a very small town and you can see everything in a few hours.  Tickets from London are around £17 return.  If you have a rail card that brings it closer to £11.


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    • Hi Cindy, welcome! Well you will be close by a gorgeous little town. I checked out your blog and see what a great opportunity you have for the coming year. If you have further questions that aren’t answered on the blog or want any travel or expat tips then drop me an email and I will try to help you out.

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